Last night Weston & I went on a double date with a couple of our favorites. We thought Diana and Ben would be a good match-up. I'm not speakin for her though, you will have to ask the woman herself what she thought! It was my first NBA game! & the only pro game I've been to besides Hockey(The Preds) & Baseball (The Astros w/ Uncle Scrawny Ronny) Weston is always such a good sport. He was sore from his Spartan workout this week & had already worked out that day. However, on our way in we saw a Marine pullup contest stand. The marines are apparently known for their pullups. I told Weston he should do it. So for half time we went down there. He was embarrassed cause he was only able to do 10...yeah, so unimpressive.... He thinks he disgraced the Navy bc he ONLY did 10 and he did them reversed (easier & not military approved). He won this awesome deflated football. I'm so proud. Diana, Ben, Weston and I! We had so much fun! The game was a close one, but the Jazz pulled through and beat the Pacers. After the game we ate dinner @ the Applebees in the Gateway mall. Yum. I still have a crush on a boy. xoxoIamsoblessedinsomanyways


  1. it was so fun rachel! thanks for thinking of me :)

  2. Rachel, you are so pretty! That Weston dude is a lucky guy!

  3. Rachel...these are GREAT! You and Diana are real DOLLS and Colleen is right...Weston's lucky! You guys are so cute together!


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