Wow, someone is looking out for me...

I got a 90% on my giant 15 pager paper for English! And my final grade came out to a 92% in the class...I have not gotten an A in English in I can't remember how long! I am so ecstatic right now! xoxoWhewy! p.s. I'm sitting at the airport & they have wifi in the SLC airport...lucky me! I still have an hour till they board my plane! p.s.s. this one boy stole my heart and I'll be leaving it in Utah over Christmas break.


  1. Well, we both know who's looking out for you Rachel! You have been blessed through all you've got going! So happy for you!

  2. I can't believe all the help from above for you, Rachel! You have lived for those blessings, for sure. So happy to hear about all of your successes! Also, we are thrilled to get you home for a little while!


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