Busy Little Bee

I'm excited for this weekend. I'm going to a Jazz game tonight with Weston! & I set Diana up with his friend Ben. He's a mountain man, just her type, the woodsy, burly kind. I hope that it goes nicely for both of them as well! I'm sure it will, two fun, nice people, what could go wrong? Nothing like a blind date :)
My to-do list is pretty long for today. I love being busy!
After the Jazz game I'm going down to Orangeville with Weston this weekend. We're going snowboarding in the mountains tomorrow and we're going to find a Christmas tree! I can't wait. have to say though, I am missing watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with my awesome family! Oh well, I get home the 21 and we'll have plenty of time to watch it before Christmas!

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  1. I am so excited for your fun weekend Rach!!! Livin' the good life!


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