All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Wow, my last 1.5 weeks in Provo were amazing. Weston is amazing. Our Thursday night date turned into another 5 day weekend long date. Then this past Friday after finals and takin little Syd to the airport, I drove down to Orangeville [folks, all of this made possible by the lovely Sydney Marne letting me use her car to drive to Orangeville, thank you so much!]. I got there and Grandpa Brinkerhoff gave Weston & I beanies for Christmas. He waited until I pulled into town to leave for home, so he could give me his gift. It was so sweet. So he pulls out our hats and gave me mine and I DIED when I saw what he handed to Weston. It was Lavender purple w/ white stripes. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I got Weston to take a picture in it before he changed his mind :) That night we watched a few movies. I couldn't stay awake though, I had a sleep deprived week! (Oh, by the way, finals went well and I came out w/ good grades this semester! ahhh the hard work paid off!) Saturday morning we woke up early and Weston made us blueberry pancakes and played banana pancakes on his ipod...but we didn't have bananas. We went snowboarding up at the run. On the way up tho he pulled over at Electric Lake. We got out of the car & he grabbed my hand & started walking. I asked him what we were doing. He said,"You said you've never been on a frozen lake before, right?" (I said that about a few weeks earlier) It was so sweet. So he walked me out to the middle of the lake. Gave me a piggy back ride most of the way bc I just wore my moccasins up to The Run. We went out & talked to some ice fishers out on the lake. I asked them if I could look at everything they were doing bc I'd never seen it before. Weston gave the disclaimer that I was from TN. Snowboarding was amazing. Weston was a great teacher & so patient. And I have never had so much fun while being so terrified in my whole life. I was actually really good the first run down, I had some intensely insane wipeouts. It was at this place called The Run up in Huntington canyon, so it wasn't a resort, so basically the paths were steep and narrow. So basically you learn to turn or hit a tree. The second time down it took about 10x longer than a normal person, because I was so freaked out the whole time. After we got through it though, he told me the second run is always the worst, but he didn't want to tell me that before because I mightve gotten scared, so he encouraged me to go one last time. So we went a 3rd time and it was SO freaking fun again, like the first time down. I did a lot better too! We had plans up in salt lake that night though so we had to head out. I got in the car and waited for him to talk to a man about a horse. I looked in the rearview mirror and was HORRIFIED. I didn't know it, but apparently I had mascara down to my cheeks. OH MY GOSH. I wiped it all off. The best part was I had been taking off my gloves & wiping under my eyes to make sure I didn't have it all day, because I spent more time in the snow than normal. But my finger was always clear, no black smudges. So when he gets back to the car I go, "ARE YOU KIDDING??? MASCARA???" hahahah he started laughing SO hard, he said that he kept being about to tell me but would forget. Apparently, according to Weston, I was beautiful regardless so it didn't really make a difference to him, oh, and it was funny because I looked like a clown. wow. thanks. All the people we talked to in the trucks on the way back up the mountain after each run probably thought so too. We even talked to more people too because we found a lost cell phone on the slopes so we went up to a bunch of crowds and asked if they lost a phone. & a group of guys asked me to take their picture bc they were snowboarding shirtless. Wow, out of all those people NO ONE TOLD ME I HAD RACCOON EYES? Wow. That's all I can say. Oh and another hilarious story. Weston was teaching me to snowboard and was so patient and riding next to me the whole time. He would be down below me waiting for me to come down towards him and he'd always get out of the way once I got going. One time, particularly though, I realized he wasn't getting out of the way, he was just down below me smiling up at me flying down towards him and then I see the horror across his face when he realized I was going fast & he wasn't going to dodge in time. I yelled "WESTON, MOOOOVE! AAAHHHHH" hahaha and all of a sudden he just totally took me out and knocked me to the ground and I flew into the snowbank! We died laughing. It was so funny, besides the fact he didn't dive out of the way, he not only was trying to be defensive and give me a nudge so I didn't run him over. It was like he was taking out a vengeance on me or something. He threw me to the ground. We laughed for about 20 minutes. It was so funny (just remember that while all this was going on, I unknowingly had black eyes). This is us outside a gas station in Fairview, Utah after snowboarding. The straight hair quickly curled as it got wet. After snowboarding, we went back to my apartment & he dropped me off. I showered & got ready as he Christmas shopped @ University Mall. He then came back and got showered & clean at my apartment. Then we headed up to Salt Lake for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory compliments of my parents (thanks!). We waited for 80 minutes and food has never tasted so good after we were finally seated. People tell me I'm photogenic.
After Cheesecake Factory we went to Temple square and walked around while looking at the lights. It was awesome. That night we went and stayed with Aunt Kay & Uncle Tim in Lehi. We watched Home Alone. The next morning we went to church with them and then came home and ate lunch as a fun little double with them because the girls were at a young women's party. Then we napped and canoodled it was a really nice afternoon. Then we headed back to Provo & he helped me pack for home. Well, actually he was really just a distraction. So, I sent him out to the front room to nap (bc that afternoon I napped, but he didn't) while I showered, etc. Then I had him open his Christmas presents. He LOVED them. Oh boy, he was so excited about the Monopoly. I gave him a Navy themed Monopoly game. He was ecstatic. It made me so happy. I also gave him a giant cup, a Relient K cd & a picture of us. He was a happy camper. We headed out to Orangeville & got there around midnight. Then we just canoodled at his house and enjoyed the quiet. The next morning he had a dentist appointment, so I watched a movie with Kellie while I waited. He came back and made me close my eyes. He brought me into the kitchen and gave me a rose with a really pretty ctr ring around the stem & leaves. It was so sweet and I love the ring. It's a little big, but perfect all the same. It was really sad saying goodbye that morning. I'll miss him, but he's coming down to Provo in a couple weeks & we have a lunch date. Anxious? Yes. xoxoHetreatsmelikeaprincess p.s. his beard is being grown out till New Years. These pictures are about after 5 days. My hair stuck to his face all weekend. But it does every day about after 5 anyway. It grows back in about 2 minutes after he shaves it. So, I'll forgive him, right?

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  1. Rachel, I had so much fun reading all about your last few days. You have had quite a nice adventure and some fun times making memories! It is the sweetest story! Thanks for taking the time to share it! So happy you are home for a few days!


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