Christmas Shoes

Have you heard that song?
I have 2 favorite Christmas songs, this is one of them. I heard it on the radio probably 5 or 6 years ago and fell in love with it. It is my favorite song, not that I think its exceptionally pretty, but I love the words and the meaning. Last year my mom got a book that has the stories behind so many favorite Christmas songs. Christmas Shoes was in that book. I loved the story, pretty much goes along with the song, but gave more insight. I pray this year that I will be able to constantly remind myself the true meaning of Christmas. What are we truly celebrating? It's the birth of Christ. This leads me into my second favorite Christmas song of all time. Mary, Did You Know? I love this song, because it correlates the birth of Christ with his life & ministry as well. I sometimes just think of the birth of Christ and the ministry of Christ in two different subjects. However, they are one in the same. Without His ministry and the atonement, Christ's birth would have just been another birth. Let us all remember the true meaning of Christmas. Let us all be filled with more charity. more compassion. more hope. less skepticism. less doubt. xoxothemostwonderfultimeofyear


  1. There was such a wonderful spirit about what you wrote, Rachel! It helps to be reminded what the season is truly all about and you did it beautifully. Merry Christmas to a precious granddaughter! I hope to say that to you SOON in person! Happy Day!

  2. Rachel....I LOVED this! Christmas Shoes is a tear-jerker and wonderful! I LOVE Mary, Did You Know?. Definitely one of my favorites...right next to Oh Holy Night! Thanks for the beautiful words and yes, it is such an amazing time of year and a great time to reflect on THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!


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