Just to let you know everything in my nose, eyes and ears froze while walking to the bus stop this morning. My ears were throbbing. I thought, "hmm, I wonder how cold it is, bc my body is kind of in pain." I get to work. Don't worry, the temperature was just -5 & the feels like was -20, no big deal.
and it's 48 degrees in Franklin right now.
Yes, that is a 70 degree difference.


  1. you must be reeeeally cold because you spelled nose, "knows"

  2. Ahhh yes, when your nose hairs freeze, that means it is below 0. When the snow squeaks (not crunches, squeaks) that means it is around 20 below. :)

  3. hahah EMBARRASSING! I left my brain in bed this morning.

  4. Rachel, it is freezing cold here because the wind is blowing what seems like 60 mph! I'm serious! There are sticks all over the yard due to the heavy wind we have had today. I guess you are going to send some of your cold air our way, huh. West to East...now if we could just send it back to you! Stay warm, Rach!


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