Obessions are healthy, right?

This video has so many great elements. I'm a fan of the sweet jamaican kid with the whiteboy mohawk. I have a secret crush on him. The lyrics are amazing. & the song is awesome. They could have done without a couple of the male dancers that just stood there looking tool-ish. & the 4,000 18 yr old pelvic thrusts. Excessive? Maybe. However, this is the greatest thing ever. The video makes me laugh & smile & the song is awesome. Watch the vid & rate it the highest & subscribe to that kid's videos. These are the coolest freshman BYU has to offer in my book. xoxoI'munderajamaicanpersuasion


  1. bahaha perfect description, but Jamaican boy's mine.
    Ash Ecks little brother Austie is in there somewhere.
    Oh, to be a Helaman Hall resident.
    Just wonderful.

  2. this is amazing. i want to be their friends. lets try and find them this weekend. haha


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