Hi folks! This is my first stressed blog post in a while, I guess that means I'm due, right? So I've been looking over my graduation plans and everything. I had everything set up to graduate next April which would have been my 4 years at college. It just works perfect in a lot of different ways. Graduating in my major requires an internship. I had scheduled it for this summer and thought I could work part or full time and then do an internship along with it. However, about a month ago, BYU or atleast the Health Science Department changed the requirements for an internship. So now there are about 6 classes listed as prereq's to an internship. I have been looking at the scheduling and can't even find these classes. I'm so confused. They have internship information meetings, but all 4 of them conflict with either work or one of my classes. So, I am just in a quandry and a little stressed (& my books are really expensive this semester! boo). Doesn't help that I haven't seen Weston in 2 weeks...whoa, actually 2 weeks exactly from today and I won't see him for another 10 days+. I miss him! Okay, enough complaining, I'm just feeling overwhelmed! Whew, k. Pity party is over! xoxosoveryconfused

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  1. ooh...sad, Rachel. Maybe you can talk to a dept. head to get answers without going to the meeting...I know you have already thought of this! Good luck!


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