Time can play its role in many ways. I'd like to thank the past year for being a good 'wake-up' year for me. I have been making an electronic scrapbook. I did my freshman year tonight. Holy cow, I have not only changed tremendously on the inside, for the better, I'd like to believe, But please take a gander at the fabulousness of the stark contrast between now and then.


  1. I think you're beautiful in every way!

  2. Me, too, Rachel! I am older and maybe wiser this year. I lost so much weight and hope to keep it off. I gained some back the last two weeks of December but now two weeks later that weight gain from the holidays is gone, too! Yay! It is nice to know we can indulge occasionally without messing up everything you worked for!
    I agree also with your Mom that you are definately BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY!

  3. Rachel, you look fabulous in both pictures:) Definitely a beauty inside and out. But way to go, you are awesome!


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