What an honor!

Wow, who would've thought I'd win an award? Not me!

Kate gave me a blog award, but folks hers is awesome, let me tell you, Kate's blog is one of my favorites to regularly follow.

I was totally pleasantly surprised that she gave me a blog award!

So, now I hope you enjoy the questions I get to answer in response :) 1. Where is your cell phone? Backpack 2. Your hair? Straight 3. Your mother? In Tennessee 4. Your father? In Arkansas (on business) 5. Your favorite food? Chicken 6. Your dream last night? Wish it was true. 7. Your favorite drink? Water! (so not exciting, sorry) 8. Your dream/goal? I want to work for a non-profit org in Africa! 9. What room are you in? Phone room @ work 10. Your hobby? Running 11. Your fear? I don't want to say it on here 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Graduated 13. Where were you last night? My apartment 14. Something you aren't? Rested 15. Muffins? Yum. I like chocolate ones. If I'm having a muffin-I'm going all out 16. Wish list items? Different swimsuit bottoms 17. Where did you grow up? Franklin, Tennessee 18. Last thing you did? Sneezed 19. What are you wearing? Rain boots 20. TV? 24 21. Pets? Bella Boo 22. Friends? I've got one or two 23. Life? LG baby 24. Mood? Confused 25. Missing someone? Yes 26. Vehicle? My fabulous two feet 27. Something you're not wearing? Pants 28. Favorite store? Target 29. Favorite color? Pink, Yellow, & Coral 30. Last time you laughed? Last Night 31. Last time you cried? Last Night 32. Best friend? Sydney 33. One place you go over and over? The RB 34. One person who emails me regularly? My caring Momma! 35. Favorite place to eat? Anywhere besides my apartment is my favorite place and I get so excited!

Well, I don't know how exciting that was for you to read, but to be honest, I had fun answering all those questions! Thanks Kate, for the shoutout! Seriously, check out her blog. She is the craftiest woman you'll ever come across! She's always taking second hand items and turning them into a 'modern marvel' :) I am now going to pass the blog award along to my sister, Danielle, and friend, Claire.


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  1. That was fun to read and had some surprise in your answers, too, Rachel. Sweetheart, just know I am thinking of you! I know what is going on in your life and you are in my thoughts and prayers for sure! Your Mom does a good job of keeping me posted about you and Danielle and I so much appreciate that. Thanks for being so open with your Mom, too, as we all feel closer for it! You are the Best, Rachel!


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