This Pity Party is OVER!

Okay, so today is my first day of classes. HOORAH! I've been so anxious to start school. I don't have Monday or Friday classes. So, yesterday I got a few things done, but nothing major. I did find the books I need for my classes on Amazon, but now I'm just going to wait until I go to class to find out if I actually need to buy the books! Yippee! I am so excited to start classes again this semester. I have about 7 hrs straight of classes after work on Tuesdays & Thursdays and then a 2.5 hr class on Wednesday nights. It's a pretty sweet schedule, & I think once the semester picks up I'll really like having no classes on m/f afternoons, however yesterday was torture. I was just wallowing up in my self pity for missing Weston, that is lame. So, I'm over it! Okay, so today, I work till 11, then class at 12 untill 6:40 or so, but I'm going out to dinner w/ Joan & Tasha & Joan's friend. It will be a great day. I like being busy & I loved Christmas break, but I also love routine. SO, it's nice for my brain to be back to a schedule. I think that's why I love working so much, it gives my days structure! Okey doke folks. I hope everyone has a fabulous day & I'm sorry for everyone in Franklin right now who are freezing off their booties! You should be writing in your journals right now, because I'm pretty sure Franklin is hitting records of all time lows!

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  1. Ahh..when my kiddos are happy, I'm happy! Glad you are busy....have fun!


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