You can call me brownie

My head is brown.
Call me a narcissist, but I have looked in every mirror I've passed this mornin!
This is quite the change. My hair has NEVER been dark. I started highlighting it and just kept with it. My dad was blonde all the way through his mission & then it went black...I just assumed mine was the same & I've gotta say in these 12 hours of brownness, I'm really likin it!

Deej came over Friday night & we went to buy the box (sorry Kristie!), we chillaxed like a couple of villians, but I chickened out so we just kept chillaxin. Don't worry though. The husband loves brunettes & we had a fun little double night w/ Kristin & Joel for the hair dye party. I really really like it & the husband loves it & the mom says it doesn't look fake, so she likes it too! All the important hair opinion votes have been casted & I think it's a keeper!

Friday Danyelli & I were trying to figure out what it would look like. We were a little aprehensive, so I decided the only way to solve this is to picture it. How else do you do that besides using paint? Here's the master piece. Personally, I think it was the perfect preview.

So what do you think of the new do?



  1. Gorgeous, Rachel! I will miss my blonde daughter, but boy you look so pretty. I like the highlights that are left in it too...nice shade! Tell Kristin, good job! Love you blonde, brown, purple, or magenta!

  2. Oh my gosh, it looks great! Guess what? I'm doing the exact same thing with my hair too. Though I doubt I'll look as hot as you. ;)

  3. you look great! It's fun to do a dramatic switch. :) And I wouldn't say you're narcissistic, not one bit!

  4. I'd be doing the same thing, Rachel, --looking in the mirror and saying "Rachel, is that really you?". It is really something to change your hair color so completely, just like that! I have to say it is beautiful and your hair looks so healthy and shiny, too! Now it will be interesting to see a side by side photo of you and Danielle together.
    Glad Weston approves of the change,too, that's nice!

  5. Rachel you're hair looks great dark!! I went dark right after I got married too! It was okay on me, but the grow out was actually harder than blonde. When my hair grew out it looked gray compared to the brown. It was funny!!


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