Why I love...

These pictures are all from my phone and have the oh, so greatest clarity.
Please, enjoy.
I'm surrounded by hilarious people
[Professor Hanson wearing really creepy glasses during his whole lecture. He rocks.]
[Ruthann sucks on blue M&Ms then smiles awkwardly to show off her new and improved blue teeth.] [This is not excluding the hilarious Miss Emily McIntyre, poor Chelsea & Kara have to listen to me laugh outrageously through her entire 2.5 hour lectures.] ...my husband. He vacuums [even if it is just because we got a sweet new vacuum :) plus, he's so darn cute!] ...our new chair. It is huge and squishy & perfection for snuggling up during Criminal Minds, not to mention it's rad plum color. [Thank you to cousin, Ashley for this bomb chair!] ...work. I have the greatest coworkers. [Heather had baby Rylee 4 months ago and she is back to work for just a month, we'll miss her when she leaves!] [I have never met someone who loves Halloween more than Karen. She is a hoot.] I'm accepted & loved even when I wear this as my halloween costume! xoxoallyouneedislovebahbahnanana


  1. i look incredible. clearly all the fellas want to hit it with a blue toothed woman.
    hearts everywhere!

  2. Cute comment, Ruthie! Rach...this was fun..I loved all the "Why I Love's"! Also glad you got a vacuum...there's nothing like a freshly vacuumed floor...gotta run-need to vacuum myself! xoxox

  3. Rachel, you are the cutest Thing, even in that blue hair! Sure enjoyed the post and getting a flavor of your life there. I'm like your Mom about the freshly vacuumed floor, I just don't do mine often enough. Tell Weston a real man helps his wife! Proud of him AND you! Partnering is good!

  4. Oo. lovin the chair! It looks wayy comfy!:)


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