Wal-mart Tiparoos

When Deej & I were checking out at Wal-mart with my hair dye the lady said:
"Are you looking for a cheaper way to dye your hair?"
(thinking she was referring to me buying the $6 box of dye)
Me: "Yeah, I am"
Her (completely serious) : "Well, I know the perfect way to dye your hair for really cheap."
Me (thinking I'd picked a pretty cheap route): "How's that?"
Her: "Koolaid, they're really cheap; about 35c a packet!"
Me: ". . . does it come in brown?"
Sorry Kool-Aid Man, you're great and all, but you're not touching my hair. Apparently 35c packets are cheaper than a $6 box, of course you'll have to comply to the slim options of Red, Pink, Blue, Green, or Orange. But, hey, go ahead, if that's your thing.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha holy cow. that is HILARIOUS.

    i am going to link this in my blog for people to read. awesome rach. hahahaaha.

    that's walmart for you!

  2. bahahha

    the worst part is the conversation went downhill from there...

    she was so excited about her sales pitch...
    "Oh yeah! It's great because you don't have to worry about dying your hair back again, it just eventually fades!!! No, it doesn't come in brown but they have purple! And there's pink too!"

    Oh gosh. That was hard not to laugh.

    but hair looks good m'dear :)


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