Please tell me you have seen this movie...play...!
I was raised on this movie. And cassette tape. And then CD. Seriously.
We have a home video when we were house hunting when I was little Deej & I were in the backseat, my dad was driving & mom was filming our future home. What is that I hear in the background? Oh, that's right, the Saturday's Warrior soundtrack. You could say I'm obsessed. I know every word to that entire thing. My husband has never seen it. Or heard it. I sing words to him to the tune of Saturday's Warrior though. Thanks to mom & dad! Most of my sing-a-longs go to the "Jimmy, oh, Jimmy, don't listen to them!" song. Last night we were at his parents house and I was singing something along the lines of, "Husband, oh, husband don't leeeeave me," Papa Dave yells from the other room "WHAT'S THAT FROM" hahahahah I didn't know anyone could hear me. "Uh... Saturday's Warrior..." "YES!" hahaha Wes was just plain out of the know. Usually when I sing to them he looks at me with a blank stare as I dance around his dumbfounded expression singing about growing noses, dozens of friends, and sailors.
Yes, Sydney & I have sung all the way straight through this musical together.
Yes, I have the piano music to this song. Yes, I ordered it online in high school.
Yes, I play it.


  1. That is so funny that you mentioned this as I have been thinking of watching it again! Last week we watched Babe, your family and me, and the next day in my soap they mentioned watching the movie, Babe. Freaked me out, like dejavu! The best things have to be repeated that is all there is to it! The music from Saturday's Warrior is fun! My kids put that on in the youth program soooo many years ago.

  2. "Will I WAIT for you, will I WAIT for you?" I was in a stake production of this play in 8th grade, and LOVED it and knew every word by heart! And I was right there with you singing in my head "Jimmy, oh Jimmy don't listen to them..." But I must say, you know it better than I; it's been a few years.

  3. Tempe has never seen it, but I should make her watch it, because she is very concerned about overpopulation. She's always tearfully saying there are so many babies and they are filling up our town and all of the houses. I don't know why a 4 year old would care about that...

  4. Hehehehe I grew up to that movie too, my mom would put it on all the time. Love it.


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