If you mess with the bull, you're goin to get the horns!

Sparing you from my soapbox, stay away from Malawi's pizza in Riverwood's. It's a pizza place, but I promise the Brick Oven is a ton better, a way bigger bang for your buck and you will be treated like a human being there. My husband worked at Malawi's pizza, but thankfully, does not anymore! Whewy, glad to not have to be involved with those creepy business people anymore! Just a heads up!
On another note... I WAS HACKED! Someone or something hacked my e-mail and blog this weekend! I changed all my passwords and sent out an e-mail to all my contacts that whatever this ting was tried to send a virus to informing them not to click on the link, that I don't know what it was, and that I was hacked! It felt weird, like my identity was stolen...yeah a little dramatic, but I've always been that way.
Life is good.
School is ruling.
My hair is still brown.
and I am loving it all!

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  1. I was wondering what happened 'cause I tried to get on and couldn't. Weird, huh... Sorry about your painful experience. So glad also that you have better hours, Weston, so that you two can spend time together!


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