Auntie Julie & Scrawny Ronnie came into town a couple weekends ago! They took, Dani, Wes & I to Brick Oven (YUMMO!). Kris & Joel were workin, so they treated us! Thank you! :)
We sat and talked for 3 hours. Sorry to that poor waitress girl who probably wanted to give us the boot after hour 1. But, it was so so so fun. We did that one kind of laughing where you're laughing causes you to cry. It was fabulous. I love getting together with family!

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family?

Any special memories?



  1. That's a WAY cute picture of everyone! I sooo wish I could have been there laughing with my favorite people!

  2. Me, too! What a great photo and I had to miss the fun night, too! Oh well, we will make up for lost time when you get here! I am looking forward so much to Christmas because you all will be here, including Julie and Ron (after Christmas and maybe you will be here still when they come in.)


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