Back to the Basics

Yes, you can call me brownie, or "hey you", or whatever you want. BUT I've decided, blondes do have more fun! I'm announcing my return to blondhood summer of 2011! I've tried out the brown thing. I've liked it. It's fun and good for winter, I think, but I will be headin back to blondness sometime in the spring or summer :) SO, I'll enjoy the brown till then!


  1. ohhhh rachel..that was a short little experiment huh? just a tip--if you know you'll be going back to blonde just be careful about how many times you recolor it brown the next few months.. the more layers of brown that you have to highlight through to get your blonde back--the more damaging, and more difficult it will be to get a nice even blonde color. good luck! :) and have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Kristie! I thought about that too, because a lot of the blonde is comin back through as the brown lightens, so I figured just leave it and wait till I highlight it again :)

  3. I will probably go blond in the summer again too, or at least do blond highlights!


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