No School Rules!

This holiday was great!
We ate a lot of this
(detox time...holy cow.)
We played a lot with these:
We chopped down the perfect one of these!
Then last night we did a little decaroo:

I know I have fallen way behind in the blogging department, but this afternoon some new posts will come up from the past little while. I'm sorry to my faithful readers who have been oh so bored, for oh so long! School has been owning me. It has seriously been so busy with 3 group project sections due this week..skrrr whaaa? Yeah, I am a slave to school...again, but in 5 short months will be free, free, free of that!

I have been scraping for every free second with my husband. He leaves in just over 2 months..for more than 7 months.


1 comment:

  1. Weston, you're important and I'm glad she puts you first over blogging! LOL I know you will be so happy to get that degree in your hot little hands, Rachel! I will be so proud of you, too, for toughing it out!


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