Lucky Us!

So, all the feet of snow we have gotten recently has made our trustiness in the geo a little shakey. Anyway, so my parents got a 1997 Camry that my dad fixed up and got all working for my sister to use as she started teaching. Her friend totaled it a couple months ago and now it has issues. Insurance totaled it and the parents are buying it back from the insurance company 7 Grandpa Brink said he'd fix it for us. Deej bought another car & now I get the SWEET Hand-Me-Down! I'm so stoked. Its this color and this model, but this isn't a picture of it.
Still, get excited!
Oh & we're driving the old blue Chevy...Wes is in love.
xoxoacarincollege!hooray!! p.s. THANKS MOM & DAD!

1 comment:

  1. Your Dad and Mom are always thinking outside the box and this was a good thought!


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