Fast Forward

Wow, where has time gooone? This semester is almost over. That's weird. Well, good news, everyone can now say thank You prayers because after a visit to just about every lost & found on campus, I found the little thumb drive! Not without putting a lot of effort into that hunt though from work and after work! It was wedged between chairs in yesterday's lecture hall. Wow, I am blessed. Now all those hours writing that paper are NOT wasted (not to mention, I don't have to rewrite the whole thing)! This afternoon I am catching a ride down with Weston's friend, Ben, 's older sister. She is a teacher in Provo, so it should be a interesting and fun car ride, she sounded nice on the phone when I talked to her yesterday afternoon! I am so excited for this weekend. I miss my family back home so much, but I know I'll have a great holiday break all the same! The Brinkerhoffs are all so warm &treat me like family while I'm there, teasing & all! I love it. Tomorrow Weston will be workin his regular 10 hr shift...sooo I'll be hangin w/ Mama Joan all day, hopefully she'll put me to work and I can help out some how rather than just being a complete waste of space! To be honest, I'm a little nervous, but I've packed a couple of books I've been reading. xoxotakinganap


  1. rachel!!!! SO GLAD you found your thumb drive--I've literally been thinking about you all day. what a relief! good luck this week, i know you'll have a fun time. good call on packing a couple books, cause if all else fails, you can just hole up somewhere and read while weston is at work. keep us posted!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time! WE have all been stressed about you loosing that thumb drive, Rach. It was such great news to hear that you found it! Yay!!!


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