On the verge of tears.

You'd be so proud of me, yesterday in the library I plowed through my paper, I have 8 pages complete of my 10 & I just need to fill in my sources. I met with my professor and he said that my outline for the paper was great & if I followed that my paper should be great too! Awesome news! I keep my paper saved on my thumb drive. I carry it with me always, it is always in my key pouch in my backpack. This morning I was done getting ready about 15 minutes early. My gut told me to check for my thumb drive, because I was planning on finishing my paper at work today before the break. However, that lovely thumbdrive with the little japanese person attached was not in its usual spot. I told myself not to freak out & I traced me steps with it. I went from the library to class to another class yesterday so I figured its either in my backpack, the library or one of those classrooms...or someone else's backpack, but we won't focus on that option. So, I emptied out my backpack one pouch at a time, checked my coat pockets, looked in my Peru bag...nope...nowhere...but work was beckoning, so I hopped on the bus anxious to get to work to call around to the different buildings. I called the RB & they said that they didn't have one, but to call the RB custodial, so I did, & the custodial man said that the Lost & Found was just picked up this morning, but he didn't know whether or not there was a thumb drive, but to call Lost & Found. So I did, their office doesn't open until nine. Folks, please pray for me that I will know where to look for this little piece of technology, basically my sanity is dangling on its key chain right now.
& I was so proud of myself yesterday, I got my huge Health Promo Acronyms project finished a week early and turned it in yesterday instead of next monday. That seems minute at the current moment.
note to self: Always back up everything.


  1. o my gosh, i hope you find it! you will find it, its gotta be somewhere! good luck!

  2. Good luck, darlin. I've been there. It's not fun. I've learned the hard way, too. My sanity is to email things to myself... I'm sure you'll find your sanity, soon, too.

  3. That's the saddest thing i've ever heard.
    You'll find it.
    Call the Wilks lost & found, that's where I always bring stuff i find.


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