Cousin Catch-Up

I spent the majority of this weekend with Kristin, it was so fun! Friday night we went bowling with boys in Salt Lake at the Taylorsville Bowling Lanes. I had SUCH a great time! And no worries, not to my surprise, I kept up my fabulous losing streak. I am a terribly inconsistent bowler. No technique and no form, but I have fun doing it! We got home really late that night. Saturday Sydney let me borrow her car while she was in Idaho with Mitch, so I ran errands around town. Then last night Kris & I & a couple of the boys from bowling went and saw the new Twilight movie, New Moon. I loved it! There were only a few cheesey lines and heavy breathing that I cringed through, but other than that it was amazing & Taylor Lautner would make any BOY drool. Holy cow, hot body. In the previews for the movie there were a few new really good looking movies coming out! One w/ Channing Tatum & the blonde girl that plays the ditzy one of the Plastics in Mean Girls, and they're doing a movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks book called "Dear John". He's in the military and I got emotional from the trailer. Tear-jerker, I'm sure, but it looks like a really good one and comes out in February! Then another one w/ Robert Pattinson (I think that's his name), Edward from Twilight, and some other blonde girl, it looks great too! Such great ones! I love good movies! xoxoFabulousWeekend


  1. rachel!!!! i'm glad you liked new moon too! i thought it was mostly fabulous.. a couple cheesy parts but all around great! and holy cow i couldve died over jacobs hot bod.

  2. what about blinde side??
    A must see!
    Have you seen 500 days of summer?
    love you

  3. ummm i cannot describe how excited i am for dear john. its not even funny. lets see it together lover. and yes, taylor lautner is a BABE. too bad he's 17 and dating taylor swift.

  4. Literally I almost went into cardiac arrest when he didn't have his shirt on...which was the entire movie.

    I cannot believe I forgot to mention blind side! Looks amazing, and still haven't seen 500 days!

    Em, yes, toootally down for seeing Dear John together, ladies night? I think so.

    Taylor + Taylor, & please refer to Taylor Swift's Musical Monologue, I watched it a couple weeks ago and died.

  5. We're going to drool on Tuesday night with us three ladies, and Becky and Kelsey Raymond...so fun! You will be with us in spirit, Rach!


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