Sydney and I decided a while ago that we should have been boys in the dating world, because basically we have the best date ideas ever.
Our chance to prove ourselves has come. Next Thursday IT is happening.
We have a pretty solid plan and are very excited about our simple, yet fantastic, date idea. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment.


  1. Best date idea...umm...have your boyfriend wash his car really good in his swimsuit. Have him take you to mini-golf and dessert and back to his place for a movie...then have him take his shirt off and ask for an aloe vera rub...then get weirded out! oh wait! I just described OUR first date...yikes!

  2. whoa mama stolworthy....scandalous. i like it.

  3. Do we need to start rating these comments? Whoa!

  4. It's not racey if its the truth, right? hahah, I'll tell weston to wash his car that day. Oh wait, he'll probably already do that...with a tooth brush. He's obsessed.


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