Tasha's Surgery

Weston's little sister Tasha is 17 and has melanoma skin cancer on her head. Today they're doing the surgery. I believe she's in right now, they were supposed to do it this morning. Remember to keep Tasha and the Brinkerhoff family in your prayers, please. When they remove the portion of her scalp they are going to clear the area around the cancer as well to make sure it is all gone. If this surgery, however, doesn't get rid of all the cancer they're going to do chemo therapy. Please pray for her health and that finances will meet. I'll let yall know how it goes when I hear. Also, I have 6 of 10 pages done for my research paper...oh my goodness...I am so extatic, I have had the hardest time with this paper this semester and today I've sat down and cranked out 5 pages alone, it's amazing. I'm a little nervous to bring it into my professor, because I'm afraid he'll rip it to shreds and I'll end up having to rewrite the whole thing and form a new thesis. xoxopeacefulwednesday


  1. I am SO RELIEVED about Tasha's results! Best news of the day! Also, glad you could get some of your paper knocked out! Way to go!

  2. I am so impressed with your work ethic these days. way to be pounding out those pages and focusing. I need help in that department.

    And I'm so glad Tashas surgery went well.

    ps. i love you.


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