Work: Check. Grocery Shopping: Check. Vaccum: Check. Laundry: Check. Dishes: Check. Dinner: Half Check. Toilet: Check. Floors: Check. Bedding: Check. Fort: Check. Running: Check. Shower: Finger Nails: Hair: Makeup: Clothes: Shave Legs: Trash: Boys: Tonight will be great! Most everything is done, but I'm sitting here sweaty and blogging, I need to shower! I'll keep ya posted! xoxoyippee


  1. Way to go Rach! I want a self portrait before Weston gets here to see your cuteness!

  2. You're so cute. I love when I see you've updated your blog because it makes me happy and giddy inside.

  3. Man, you got a lot done in one day! I need some of your incentive, Rach! Glad you had a good time with your guy last night! Keep us posted!


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