Two Is Better Than One.

I love that song. I loved this weekend.
I got down to Orangeville on Tuesday and Weston took me to see New Moon! It was so fun, even though Jacob didn't even compare to the boy sitting next to me!
Weston got paid vacation for Wednesday too so we got to spend it together! Wednesday we had a morning workout and then got all dolled up and headed down to Loa in Wayne County where his grandparents live!
Kellie did my hair in curls. It was so nice of her, I should have taken some better pictures of it!
That night we were getting all prepared for Thanksgiving meal.
Making noodles at Grandma & Grandpa Stevens' house!
About 3 of the nights we played games, it was so fun. This is a picture showing Weston's pouting. Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.
If he ever tells you he's not competetive, he's lying. Every year the Brinkerhoff boys go bunny hunting Thanksgiving morning. Weston was so excited because it was his first thanksgiving back home in 2 years. He said I could be an exception and go with the boys. Turned out everyone was grown and married, so Melissa, Weston, Grandpa Stevens, Papa Dave and I all went bunny hunting, it was not successful. We only saw 2 bunnies the whole time, but Weston did get a bird, so he was kinda happy. I'm happy I didn't have to hear any crying bunnies... ew.
Handsome, huh? Bunny hunting Thanksgiving morning. Weston & I before Thanksgiving dinner. Kellie, Melissa, Me & Tasha before dinner.
We all wore beanies at the dinner table for Tash.
She had skin cancer and a side of her head was shaved for her surgery.
She had melanoma skin cancer that was successfully removed 2 weeks ago!
Thanksgiving spread!
All of us were full & ready for a nap!
L to R: Mama Joan, Grandpa Brink, Me, Weston, Kellie, Papa Dave
Friday Weston took me all around Wayne County. Which is geographically huge, but is the 2nd smallest populated county in the state... We hiked in the Capitol Reef National Park & he took me over to see his family's ranch! Hiking in Capitol Reef He is one handsome man.
So happy. Also, very happy. Amazing trip We like eachother.
In front of Chill's in Bicknell. Top secret This is a look he gets often.
Friday night Weston passed out while we were watching a movie. & passed out is an understatement.
Saturday morning before the Utah game we went out to the gravel pits and shot clay pigeons. It was so fun! I was terrible, but am really good at not falling over when shooting the shotgun! Shooting clay pigeons. Yes, I got one! He likes being tough. I'm not so good. It was freakin cold. He gave me his coat, but then got another out of the truck..it was about 34 w/ a 1,000 mph wind!
Saturday night, Weston, Melissa, Kevin & I watched a scary movie out in his grandparent's giant camper! Then Weston, Melissa & I slept out in the camper. The space heater we used was about the size of my hand...so small, but somehow we all survived the night! Yikes, don't know what's going on with the hair. Slave boy.
We were going to chop down a Christmas tree on our way back to Orangeville on Sunday, but weren't able too because the only tarp available was covered in animal blood. His uncle is a butcher... Anyway, we packed everything in the jeep to leave the cargo carrier empty for the tree. The only items packed not approved for the inside of the Jeep were Weston's NASTY firefighter boots he's worn every day since May.... We wanted to preserve our nostrils and appetites. You might be a redneck if...
Poppa Dave found this when we were shooting and thought I should mail it home so everyone back home knows just how redneck the people are that I'm spending my time with. Bullseye.
Don't tell, but I've got a crush. So happy.
I was the only one with phone service all week, so when we got to the summit Weston's phone exploded with texts. He's popular.
We got back to Orangeville Sunday afternoon and I got to spend the rest of the day there before driving back to Provo with Ben's sister. For purpose of saving me from embarrassment, his mom got a couple sleeping pictures, but this one was the least scariest. This was my entire lazy Sunday afternoon. xoxoIstillhaveacrushonaboy


  1. Rachel, these pictures are just fabulous! I had so much fun looking at them and enlarging them and looking at them some more. You just look so beautiful in every picture and your boyfriend isn't half bad either! I helped make noodles in a Utah home back in 1959 during Thanksgiving break, too. I was at my roommates home in Blanding, UT. This took me back to a nice memory. So fun to hear about your trip from your Mother and really happy that you are happy!

  2. Encore, encore...I want the bloopers now! hahaha..that was fun to see all your crazy antics over Thanksgiving week. You two are so cute! Thanks for sharing these with us, Rach!

  3. Glad you had fun.
    We had more fun though :)
    I wish you were home but in 3 weeks we'll party it upppp. yyyeah yeah!

  4. yay rachel! glad you have a good thanksgiving :) i love all the pictures! now i just really want details!

  5. oh so fun! makes me happy you're so happy! :) love you.
    ps, love all the pics. I wish I was good like you and actually took pictures with my camera...

  6. Rachie! You look so cute! Especially in that red hat! Love it. PS. you are lucky you didn't get a rabbit, they make the most AWFUL noises in the world. I about cried when Chris shot one and it didn't die right away. (that was thanksgiving of '07)


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