Stumbled Across This

I hope Keith doesn't mind that I'm putting this on here. I was looking for a video of my mom dancing that someone from the youth group back home put on Youtube. I was unsuccessful in finding her dancing clip, but came across this about my cousin Keith while on my search. He's an awesome guy. Just thought I'd put this up here for everyone to see! xoxoIhavethegreatestfamily


  1. Rach - I have no idea how you have this, but this just made my day. Thank you thank you for posting. That humble sucker never said anything about this being made. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing, - Ash

  2. So much more to the story...so understated, just like Keith! Awesome! He's one of my favorite people in the world!!!

  3. Rachel, this entry was a TEN! Keith is an amazing special person and he also has amazing parents and a great family to support and sustain him. A loving family is just one of the greatest blessing in the world! Not everyone gets to experience that! Way to go Keith in showing the rest of us how to be happy!


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