Pet Peeve.

I know I can be guilty of this, but Monday mornings are not my favorite at work, so my tolerance level is just below perfect :) A pet peeve of mine is when someone calls in to make an appointment and asks questions, but does not listen to the answer. I'm not kidding, I'll get phone calls where someone asks a question I answer it and they ask "What?" After every answer I give them or every question I ask them. My mom teases me because I mumble, but somehow at work I have been blessed with the grace of not slurring my words and I have never had problems mumbling at work. But there's those few people that just aren't listening.
Then there's the sassy ones that don't think I know what I'm talking about. I politely say, "Sorry, I've told you everything I know, but can transfer you back to a nurse if you'd like medical advice." They usually prefer that. Then the nurses get irritated having to schedule an appointment, oops, sorry!
Then there's the call that the person just starts spouting out their information, but didn't listen to the question I actually asked. Those are sometimes so ridiculous it's hilarious!
i.e. Me: "What do you need an appointment for?" Patient (not real information): "Conner, Elizabeth. E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H." "Alright, thanks, and what do you need an appointment for?" " June 22, 1987" "Great and what do you need to be seen for, so I know which doctor to schedule you with."
On the bright side, the weather is fabulous and it's the start of a new week which means its one week closer to the end of the semester!
xoxojustbecauseiknowyoucare :)


  1. my pet peeve:
    caller: hi i'd like to make an appointment.
    me: ok, when looks good for you?
    caller: Oh! Wow! umm, let me get my schedule...

    5 minutes later, we have an appointment.
    How do you call to schedule something without your calander in front of you & dates in mind? This confuses me.

  2. Yep, working with the public can be exasperating at times. Been there, done that, too! I guess we all have been a pain at times to somebody else but it is still hard. Rachel, you really impress me in how well you are managing your life. Just keep on doing what you are doing,
    cause it is going to pay off! I know those seeds you are sowing, it will bear fruit. Good for you, Girl!

  3. Danielle, your comment cracked me up...so funny and true! Mother,Amen!! to all you said! You girls are AMAZING!!! I am continually impressed!!!!!


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