Holy Birthdays!!

Okay, so yesterday was my fabulous future roomate's birthday! Happy big 2-1 baby! I can only wish it through technology however, because she is in Mexico...& I should totally be there w/ her...but as uncultured as I am, don't have a passport. Cool. Anyway,
This is the fabulous Emily Robinson.
This girl is the most amazing dancer ever.
She is hilarious
Down to earth
From Danville, CA & has extreme Danville pride.
She loves to have fun.
She's one smart cookie
She is an amazing friend.
She likes to have fun.
She's super social.
She's one kewl kat.
& I get to live w/ her next year!
Happy Birthday Em!
Birthday #2
Tasha Brinkerhoff
This beauty is 18 today.
She's a little firecracker.
She is sarcastic and one of the funniest people I know.
She is so sweet.
She's a cancer survivor!
She's 100% honest. No sugar coating (the world could use a few more people like that).
I love her!


  1. Cute, and fun, Rach! Fun to learn more about these two...you forgot somebody important...Spencer boy!! Need his sweet cheeks up there!

  2. most definitely didn't forget him! He totally got a shout out Wednesday, & his birthday isn't till Sunday

  3. Yep, I realized that after I posted this! You and Emily are going to have a blast next year! I am excited for you!!!


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