Annie git yor guhn.

So, last saturday I walked to Smith's to do some grocery shopping. I was walking home with my 10 million bags and someone pulled over and asked if I would like a ride. Looked like a nice boy, my hands were tired, "Sure!" So, he drives me to my complex and carries my groceries up for me. "Thanks so much, bye!" Tuesday: Work, class, run, shower, 8:00pm. No makeup, no bra, sweats, wet hair, studying. "Rachel, someone's here for you." "Uh, oh, hi...Matt" "Hi, wanted to know if you wanted to go out for dinner or ice cream." "Give me 5 minutes." Thank you roomates for so graciously talking to the stranger. YoZone was fun, & so yummy, obviously. Cross my fingers I didn't scare him off w/ my appearance. Wednesday: Phone rings: "Hi Matt, yeah Friday night sounds great!" Friday: Fun date at shooting range in Orem Rec center & yummy Mexican rice water & The Proposal, my favorite movie in the world. I got to pick the movie since we did manly shooting. I'm glad I packed my camera bc he asked if I brought one, perfect photo op. It was fun. He's a nice boy. Apparently everyone's jaws dropped at how good I was for only my 2nd time. Shocking, my eyes are terrible. xoxoAnnieOakley


  1. You really do look like a professional sniper...way to pose...hahaha! You're cute!! Glad you had fun!


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