So the past few days I have been seeing things really blurry, I have had to hold papers up to my nose in order to read them. When I was doing the psych patient's appointment reminder calls yesterday morning at work I asked one girl on the phone "Hi, is this Chen?"(that name is not uncommon here, we have a lot of foreign patients) "Um...no" [shoot, did I mistype the phone number?] I then proceeded to put the paper up to my nose to confirm that I, indeed, had dialed the correct phone number. "Oh, I'm sorry, Cheri?" "Yeah..." haahahahha That is when I realized, I think something is up with my eyeballs! I had an epiphane last night. I think my contacts are in the wrong eyes! So this morning I put my contact from the 'L' hole into my right eye and the 'R' hole into my left eye. I'm cured! I was blind & now I'm not! & when I checked Cheri in for her appointment today I didn't call her Chen!


  1. bahahah just laughed so hard.
    Oh, Chen.

  2. Hilarious!!!! So funny, Rachel! Thanks for cracking me up today!
    So glad you're cured!

  3. Ahhhahahaha!! Rachel you're hilarious!


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