The far side of the moon.

Yesterday's BYU Devo was done by Captain James Lovell. He was the main guy on Apollo 13, & played by Tom Hanks. He is from Utah, got a ton of education and served in the military, pretty studly guy. I believe the Apollo 13 mission was his 4 mission to the moon or space or something.
Kris & I watched the devo in the Wilk. We were whispering about it & she asked who he was in the movie. I told her he was the main Astronaut, the one played by Tom Hanks. She said she couldn't remember what happened in that story. I told her I had a hard time remembering, but that I'm pretty sure they all died. BAHAH. Holy blondeness. We sat there for a minute & then I go...wait, no they didn't, because he's talking to us right now! hahahahha We laughed for about 10 minutes and got plenty of glares, don't worry. She said she was thinkin the same thing, but hadn't said it. Great minds think alike!


  1. read it again...still laughing!!!!

  2. This is totally HILARIOUS, Rachel! I am laughing out loud as I write this! It did remind me of the time my sister Pat was telling me about the Jaws book and how this woman was eaten by a shark and what she was thinking and how she was feeling the pain,etc. I said to her, Pat, how is the possible that she could report that back to you if she was eaten by the shark. She looked at me in a stupor, like "I, duh, I dunno.." Now she is brunette so you can't blame it on blondness.

    Anyway, that was just the funniest story! I can just see you two cutups laughing it up!


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