First, Sidenote: I'm watching Jay Leno & there was just a commercial for the LDS General Young Women's Broadcast. Whoa. Now, the reason behind the blogging. Someone, eh hem, Sydney, stole all my pictures I took today after the proposal, so I don't have any pictures of the actually engaged couple. BUT, equally important are pictures of Syd & I, duh. & I do have some of those! Today my two best friends, Mitch Sherwood & Sydney Schindler got engaged! Mark your calendars! Wedding is July 20 at the SLC temple! She's going to be the most beautiful bride and cutest wifey. Once a bride....always a wife! Whooooa...weird! Hip Hip Hooray for you two!! xoxogointothechapel

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  1. Sydney... why'd you leave me??? I thought you were going to wait for me!!! :( i thought you were different


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