Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

There have been 3 major birthdays in the past 3 weeks. Feb 24. Skydney March 10. Dani-Deej March 15. Ty Up & coming... March 21. Spencer! He'll be 17...what? Isn't he still in diapers? Happy almost birthday baby brother! Wish I was there to celebrate with you! xoxohappybirthdayhappy!


  1. best day of the year march 21. (my birthdays the same day)

  2. thanks for the really sweet pic of me on my birthday rach. i'm glad i can count on you to show everyone how ridiculously good looking i was on my 21st. out of all the pictures from that day, i absolutely love that picture of me the best. its my favorite. really great. did i say thanks? thanks.

  3. hahah Sorry Syd, it's the only one I had on my computer, ridiculous, huh? All the pretty ones were taken on your camera. Plus, you are ridiculously good looking. all. the. time. I especially like this photo!

  4. Rachel!! I changed my blog URL a while ago and apparently none of my followers can see my new posts.

    Follow me at lifeofklouise.blogspot.com :)


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