Marathon Update.

Marathon training is going well. & exhausting. If anyone has any experience and some advice, I'll gladly take any you have to offer! I did a 16 miler for the long run last week, and Syd did the 16 with me this week too. I'm having issues though, it takes about 3 hours and my body tooootally dies and I get soo hungry the last 30+ minutes, it feels like I'm running on a fast Sunday afternoon. Yesterdays run was so fun to have w/ Syd. Sugar & Spice were in motion. It started rain/snowing half way through. It added an extra element. You might not be able to tell in this picture, but we were SOAKED to the bone, this was after our run Saturday. xoxorunrunrun


  1. You and Syd are hardcore! Impressive to say the least! Love you!!!


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