Happy Birthday Deej!

So, in case you didn't know, I have the greatest sister in the world. We are such polar opposites it's ridiculous. We balance eachother out perfectly! She is opinionated and nice. She loves EVERYONE (I'm not implying I don't like anyone). She befriends everyone. She is VERY stylish. She loves to do people's hair and makeup. She loves teaching. She is an El-Ed major and started teaching in elementary schools. She has always been amazing with kids. She is hilarious. You can always count on her to laugh at anything you say. She can be sassy. She loves to cook and is really good at it. She has the best handwriting in the world. She's super artsy-fartsy. She has an eye for pretty things. She hates cheesy stuff. She was cool in high school. She's still kind of cool. She taught me that butt is short for buttons. She was always tolerant of my weirdness growing up. Probably because she was weird too. She has always been the best sharer. She loves to read books. She has the best advice in the world. Ten reasons you can't help but love Dani: 1. She has an infectious laugh. 2. She's beautiful. 3. She is the funniest person ever. 4. She justifies my complaints, but also sets me straight. 5. She's a good listener. 6. She's the most patient person in the world. 7. She is the most homemakery person alive. 8. She's clean & has good hygiene. Most of the time. 9. She's an amazing singer. 10. She has the best spiritual insight ever and has an awesome testimony.
{Here's some pictures of us at all different lovely ages.}
We've always been photogenic.
We have a little school pride.
We are professional roadtrippers.
We love matching.
We rock onesies.
She's always been up on the fashion world.
Again with the matching.
Everything's sweeter in Tennessee.
I love you sister!


  1. lalalalove this Rachel!!!! You said it all so well!

  2. Soooo sweet, you two are lucky to have each other!

  3. That is so sweet ! How nice to have two loving, sweet and beautiful(inside and out) girls!

  4. I just loved this post, Rachel! Such a sweet tribute to a sweet sister! The pictures are so great, too! I can't believe that Danielle is now 22 years old. Where has the time gone!!! You two are amazing and such great women! I am happy to pass the torch down to you both as I have every confidence in you and what you will provide for the next generation.
    So very proud of you girls!


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