Procrastination Station.

I sadly wish that said Celebration Station instead. but procrastination is way more fitting. I was scared of when my mind/body health paper was due. So, I never checked the syllabus. HA. I don't know why I thought that was a good idea. Or maybe I just didn't think. Anyway. Checked it tonight. Don't worry, it's due tomorrow. Cool. & I'm goin out w/ Keith's friend on Wednesday night.... which leaves studying and taking my infectious disease exam thursday night. Which leaves my long run for Friday and then Friday night Weston comes to town. Then next week my 2 projects are due. Along w/ a paper. I don't really want to think about it. Yikes! Why did I do this to myself? xoxoschooliscool


  1. Whoa...o.k.,so you're going out with "hottie" on Weston's bday??? hmmm..o.k. and I thought your projects were due this week too! Did I misunderstand? Apparently so! Well, GOOD LUCK with everything and take vitamins...lol!

  2. Oh, Rachel, do what you have to do but get your rest, too, so you can ENJOY THE WEEKEND! Yes! I am also happy about the date on Wed night, too. You are really playing it right! You are young so you have tons of options! Lucky blessed you!


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