Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and especially remembers the atonement and resurrection of Christ. He made it possible for us to live again and forever with Him & our families! So, weekend happenings: Friday night Wes & I went to his mission reunion. Party! No, he got into town really late so we got there after it had ended, but he was able to see a few people! Later we ate dinner and chillaxed at my apt. Saturday morning we were up suuuper early. We were out the door for conference by 8. We got Mickey D's breakfast on the way. The Saturday morning session was amazing. Afterwards, we headed down to provo, grabbed some leftovers for lunch, I packed & we headed out of town for Orangeville! After the boys got back from Priesthood session, we watched Blindside. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Easter Sunday we watched some conference, and hung out with the family & grandparents then headed back North that night. It was an amazing weekend. & I can't wait to spend this weekend with him too!!
Due to Weston being a horrible better, he has no hair, just ignore that.
Wes forgot a tie, so we stopped at a store before Conference.
In front of the Conference Center! Wes & I after the a.m. session GQ Outside the conference Center in front of the Salt Lake Temple. Mario mustache. Me, Kellie & Tash! Bahaha didn't make it before the timer!
Spanish Fork Canyon!


  1. i'm just going to ASK for the details. you know how I am about reading blogs. maybe next time you could do bullet points?
    love u.

  2. I sure enjoyed hearing about your wonderful Easter weekend, Rachel.
    The Brinkerhoffs are such sweet people to have you over. It is nice that you all enjoy each other's company. Cute pictures of you and Weston for sure!

  3. So cute and fun...hoping for MORE pics...tonight? That scene behind you and Weston in the canyons is so beautiful! Also, love the one in the conference center! So neat with the Mormon Tab behind you too! You two are darling!!!


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