Crazy w/ a capitol "C".

Howdy all!
Well, Nashville was so fun, then Sunday night my mom & I headed in the camry Dad & her bought for Dani & I to use (thank you so much!) & that Dad got all fixed up for it to work! It's a cute little black camry. We drove it for 3 days. & when I say we, I mean my mom. I slept most of it. I drove maybe 7 total of the 26 hour drive. We pulled in on Tuesday and started moving my apartment stuff over and went to see "Back-Up Plan" with Dani. Okay, that movie is hilarious. Please go see it if you get a chance. I plan on making multiple trips to it in the dollar theater. I worked & then helped mom move over more of my stuff the past couple days. She's been such a saint & helped me move over all of my things. I have a lot of crap. I'm going to do some serious de-junking this summer before my fall move to Idaho. I take her up to the airport today, I'll miss having her company here in Provo :( It's going to be a lonely summer. All of my friends have gone home, except Emily lol & Erin is here too. Erin's comin up to Idaho with me this weekend along with someone named Qiang. I still don't know if that's a boy or a girl yet, we'll find out when we pick him/her up today. It should be a good weekend. I've missed Weston a lot..for the past 5 days... yikes.
So, I made a new friend on the bus. His name is Justin. He has down syndrome & is just about the funniest person ever. He sat down next to me yesterday & started talking up a storm. Shame on me, at first, I didn't think he really new all that he was saying. But holy cow this guy is sharp. He was heading off for work at the MTC. So we chatted on the bus ride & he got off @ my stop & we walked the short little ways until he had to keep walkin to the MTC. Today, he got on the bus & came & sat right next to me. He invited me to his birthday in June. He said I'll be the only other girl besides his fiance there. He has friends from best buddies comin & lots of other friends from BYU. It's in Orem, I hope I can go. He told me today that he came to my work yesterday looking for me, but said I wasn't there. He rocks. He walked me up to the health center today & gave me a hug. It made me really happy. He wants to set me up with his brother Cameron. He went on to tell me how he told his brother that he should take out his friend from the bus, then he did a totally awesome salespitch for his brother. "He likes sports, he likes dogs, he likes horses, he's a really fun guy." It pretty much was awesome. I love new friends & Justin makes me laugh so hard. He talks really loud, so just about everyone else on the bus is listening to his stories. I like watching everyone's reactions.
My computer crashed, so I've been facebooking and blogging at work. But holy cow, I need to pick up some good books this summer, because there's only so many engagement pictures to look at & blogs to stalk. & that only accounts for my time at work, I'll have all that time at my apartment to kill as well. It's going to be a super low-key summer. Any book suggestions, would be totally awesome!


  1. How come I lived with you all week and didn't know about Justin??? Thanks for the kind words, Rach! I got home tonight and couldn't believe when I was in the airport that it was just barely over a week before that I picked you and Weston up! I can't believe how much has gone on this week since then! It made me sad actually...I miss you already! XOXOXOX

  2. Hi Rachel, I'm sorry you had such a little time here at home before heading back out there again. I enjoyed hearing about your adventures, your new friend, and plans for the summer. I passed on to your Mom a book that is one of a 4 book series called The Promised Land by David G. Wooley. It was a fantastic fictional story with historic background. Would make an excellent movie, too. After she reads it maybe she can pass it on to you to read when she goes out there this summer. Love and hugs, Grams


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