I'm leavin on a Jet Plane!

So excited!
3 down,
1 final to go.
Boarding passes printed.
Packing...uhh, still on the to-do list.
Fabulous ride to SLC w/ a cute cousin of mine, Erin.
Boyfriend time. I can't wait.
Nashville bound in 14 hours.
1am can't come soon enough!
My first redeye flight, exhilerating.
A little pit stop in Atlanta,
then the last 30 minute baby flight into the BNA!

1 comment:

  1. I have had fun reading your count down, Rachel! We are counting, too! It will be so fun to see you and Stephanie! I am afraid it won't be long enough for all the visiting we want to do though! So little time! But we will take what we can get!


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