Some Lovin

Weston & I got to go to Nashville last weekend!
We took a redeye flight and made it there Thursday morning.
Our second day in Nashville on Broadway.
Weston with his mission president and his wife.
President & Sister Hutchings.
The marathon got cancelled partway through, so we only got to run the half.
Time to start training for the Dam full in Rexburg June 12.
A little stop in Downtown Franklin.
Me dropping Weston back off at the airport.


  1. Super frustrating to have the marathon cancelled part way through!! Maybe we'll come cheer you on in Rexburg!! =)

  2. Okay. I just looked at all your pictures on facebook, but didn't want to comment there so I came to your blog to comment. You and your boy are actually adorable. You look so happy and it just makes me happy! Hope all is well, because it looks like it is ;)

  3. Oh no what a bummer about the marathon being cancelled!!! What happened? Was it weather? That just stinks. At least you've got another option coming up pretty soon so all that training doesn't go to waste. You and Weston are so cute! I'm so glad you're happy! Looks like you guys had a great time in Nashville!

  4. As I said before I love these pictures of you and Weston! Such happy faces! My favorite is the ones with the pretty green trees in the background. It just captures beautiful Tennessee in the springtime!

  5. Hah! I saw that funny "goggle" guy at the airport tonight! GREAT pictures Rachel! Can't believe you were both here...seems more like a fast blur to me! Love you!!!


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