Idaho was fun. As always, it was wonderful to see Weston & get to spend time together.
We went on a big group date Friday night to the Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband concert. It was really fun. Brother Deere discovered & produced them way back when I was in high school. & I saw them in a little bar in downtown Nashville with Danielle & Sarah Linder once. It was a party & so fun to see them perform again, but on a much bigger level!
First we made pizzas. Our pizza was definitely the best. Please tell me you can see that it's a guitar.
At the show. It was so hilarious, I was laughing the whole time. So fun!
Everyone that was on the date. I don't know the girls' names, but these are Weston's roomates. Weston, me, Anthony, Eric, Tyler, then my cousin, Erin, & Justin.
Pouting because he doesn't like pictures taken by himself.
He got over it really quick.
I don't feel sorry for him though, because he totally took mine by myself first.
More kisses.
At Mesa Falls
Somewhere in the Teton Mountains.
He's awesome
Cute Erin after church!
Weston was so excited for Topanga and Gary to meet. They did. Love at first sight. Obviously.


  1. 1) I love that you named your car.
    2) I love that her name is Topanga.
    3) I LOVE Mesa Falls :)

    so, I know of this great photographer: ashleystolworthyphotography.blogspot.com. :) Just sayin...

  2. hahaha...Ashley! Love you! Yeah, Rach...could you have picked a funnier name for your car? Don't think so! Love, Love the pics as ALWAYS...pretty sure your blog is JUST for me! Thanks! You don't need to send me a Mother's Day card/gift now!

  3. Oh and definitely, your pizza looked like a guitar. And btw, waterfalls are for lovers...just thought you should know that!

  4. hahah Ash! His jeep is actually named Topanga. Which used to be the name of his chainsaw when he worked in the fire service. Weirdo. lol just kidding. His old jeep's name was Roxy. Good thing he doesnt have that same taste for kid's names! bahah but he also thought of Gary for the car. So basically, I don't deserve any of the creativity points. BUT Weston rocks! lol

  5. Oh & mom, the blog is definitely for you! hahah I'm glad you read it! & Enjoy it!

  6. Teton Mountains!! Welcome to my world? Did you freeze?

  7. I know Justin!!! He was Gary's roomie in the dorms!


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