Some awesome pictures from my phone.

Cousin It, I mean, Mom in Wyoming.
We sent this one to Wes.
She is just like him, & my brothers. Always wanting to be scratched.
I told Weston I could just replace him with a cat and be totally fine.
One of my favorite spots in Franklin.
Me in Wyoming. It was a little windy.
Me on the drive from TN to UT.
Thanks for driving, Mom!
Arggh, matey!
Helping Wes with math at the airport.
While driving us to the airport, Erin deemed us the "healthiest couple."
After we got to the airport, this picture was sent to her phone.
Apparently tall, white, males are discriminated against.
He couldn't stand up straight on the plane. Poor baby. Wang & Me driving to Idaho.
photo credits: Erin Stolworthy
Em & I at the BYU v. UVU baseball game.
We won, obviously.



  1. Loved your pictures, Love your braids, Love baseball, Love you!

  2. ha ha ha "we won, obviously." you are so secretly mean.


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