I have a job interview at a call center...YIKES! I hope I get the job though, because then I'd get 10 hours of work a day and so a) I won't have so much free time and b) I can earn more moolah... I'll be working 50-56+ hrs a week! YAY! In a month, I'm sure I won't be sayin yay anymore, but the bank account & honeymoon will be celebrating. Oh & Wes' wedding ring lol that's kinda important too :)
So, I had a nightmare about milk last night. I think it's because I'm out of milk right now. Oh, the woes of being a poor college student. Or just poor :) I'm happy though! I hope everyone else is doing fabulously!
The wedding colors are FINALLY picked. I've switched maybe 1o times! I got a voicemail from Weston's sister the other day and she said "If you make me wear pink, I'm going to kill you" hahah lucky for her I changed the colors...or I guess lucky for me :)
Change of plans. I am now staying in Provo at BYU & I'm going to take Summer & Fall classes, a FULL LOAD & I'm going to be done with classes I need to take on campus by December & I could graduate in April...Crazy!! So exciting though! That is though if I get my internship finished & online classes done by April!


  1. And the wedding colors are?

    Sheesh, talk about cryptic!

    I know which one of Weston's sisters, said, "I'll kill ya if you make me wear pink!"

    That totally made me laugh!

  2. So how did the interview go, Rach? It sounds so good that you are getting some things figured out. I know that mentally it is very helpful to be able to find structure to your life. Good luck on all of that! Also, I love your wedding colors so much! It will be beautiful!


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