Little Tykes

Good things to come. Wes & I aren't having kids for a while after we're married. But I think they have pretty good odds of being adorable, blonde hair, blue eyed babies!
They will also be giants.
Weston was born practically a toddler... "Momma!"
Joan said she brought him home in 6 mos. clothes.
he was 10 lbs ...oz. and 23 inches.
I was 5 lbs 9oz. and 18.5 inches.
I did not even fit in the smallest sized diapers. bahah
hopefully our babies will be somewhere between the two extremes! Of course, I wouldn't mind birthing a peanut.
Here's some pics of us at similar ages!
(Sorry Wes' are a little fuzzy bc they're pictures of pictures)
Is he not the CUTEST little boy you have ever seen?

I never retired this outfit.Wow, so adorable. & he totally looks the exact same. I just want to hug and kiss that little boy all over! So sweet!

Please check out the armpit rolls hahah so awesome. xoxoIlovemyfiance!


  1. bahhahaha! So cute! I can't believe how the big smile picture looks just like him NOW! Well, let me know if you need a picture of him in his "mighty Ninja big-boy underpants"...I think I can hook you up! hahah! You guys are cute and wow, could you ask Joan if she had a 1 year gestation? xoxox

  2. hahah no I have the underwear picture, but I want to actually get married in September, so I thought I'd keep my good graces w/ Wes :)

  3. This was the absolutely funniest post! Cute photos of you good looking now adults! Rachel, I just wanna pinch those cute cheeks of yours. You were the most adorable little toddler! I can remember it well!

  4. Oops! I misspelled, it should funnest not funniest. By the way is that a word, funnest!

  5. Trust me, Weston was a giant. I have some funny pictures of him. He was all dressed up for my wedding in this funky little number, that is adorable.

    Beautiful pics of you!

    I can tell that you are happy- I like that. See you next weekend!


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