I like this wedding game. It has been fun so far. Low stress. All my family has been really into it and it's been so fun! Wes' family has been totally into it too. It's like the ultimate party that is getting planned! We find out Tuesday what our Wedding date can be. SO, basically, our wedding date will be officially announced on Wednesday. THAT is when you write it on your calendar and plan to come! We are doing a reception down in Emery County in Utah, where Weston grew up. Then approximately a week later another reception in Franklin. PARTY! Everything is half planned. And that is awesome! Bridesmaids dresses...half pinned down. Colors-set! Invitations Honeymoon plans, not sure yet, I just know I'm excited for it! Etc., etc., etc! It has been so fun searching for an awesome wedding song. We have a list of pretty awesome ones and some I'd never heard before. I'm excited to pick THE song. I love him, I love him, I love him! in 4 months Weston James Brinkerhoff is going to be my husband and me his wifey! xoxotrytofindahappiergirl p.s. remember, I'm always taking tiparoos. So, if you have anything you think we should know in this whole process, please feel free to leave it in a comment!


  1. congratulations rachel! your last blog was so precious! i feel like we were just listening to boys like girls in your car on the way to school after seminary and now you're getting married. such craziness haha!

  2. I CAN'T WAIT for the wedding date...oh and the wedding planner! haha...look forward to nailing a lot down very soon! Glad you're having fun dearie! We are too!

  3. Rachel, it has been so fun to be apart of the planning process back here at home. Your mom has used me for a sounding board, too. Your colors are awesome and I know this wedding will be just beautiful!

    Also, I thought it was cool that Weston's middle name is James which has been a family name. I love the name, of course, since my son AND my grandson has it and now my grandson in law? Is there such a nomenclature? I like the way the name Weston James fits together so well, too. Kinda like Jesse James! lol

  4. tiparoo #1. Your wedding will be perfect - no matter what the details are and no matter what goes right or wrong! Soooooo, don't get hung up on too many details. if you start worring about something, or stressing about something, think about 20 years from now. will it really matter? Cuz you will be married anyway!!!!!!


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