Anxious is an understatement!

The Navy post-poned our wedding date picking once again, but I can be patient...right?
I'm still trying to convince myself!
It's been so fun planning the wedding, looking at dress styles, picking colors & all of that. My favorite part of the planning has been the honeymoon researching! Party!
All of that is fun...buuuut...holy cow, I am so excited just to actually be married. How about tomorrow?
The temple does elopements, I'm pretty sure.
We live 4 hours away from eachother & can't talk on the phone until 9. It feels killer. But still, each day I am reminded why the heck I love this boy so much.
I cannot wait until we are Mr. & Mrs. Brinkerhoff!

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  1. So exciting for you! It is exciting for the whole family...someone new to welcome and love! Just imagine when all the cute little Stolworthy kids have found their "one and only"'s...it's a party!!


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