So, basically, I always have the best time ever with Weston. This weekend was hilarious. We slept Friday night in the Geo due to a slight forgetfulness on finding a place to stay. Worst nights sleep EVER. hahah it was so uncomfortable and cold. The next morning at 6 we went back to his apartment and some how I was asleep in the Geo & woke up on the couch in his apartment... thank you strong fiance, & I'm sorry I'm so lazy and didn't walk up myself!
Saturday we did lots of fun wedding stuff in Idaho Falls then ended up going to Robin Hood at the movies. It was a $40 trip to the movies. Which ended up being really sad, but so hilarious. We decided the lemonade has little gold flakes in it & that is why they were so expensive. We took pictures with the GIANT lemonade cups just to document first of all our stupidity for actually buying them. The stupidity for buying 2. & afterwards we found out the lemonades were refillable and we didnt know they were so enormous either. After leaving we both filled ours up to the max. We then went grocery shopping and came back to one of them on it's side on the car floor..uhh, whoops! hahah so we tried cleaning that up, we got it cleaned up & I climbed in the car & kicked over the other one! bahahah Then we had 2 pretty full lemonades, and we decided to save them for our Yellowstone trip on Sunday.. Then on the way to yellowstone I spilled it again ahhah The geo needs a serious bath, because It is seriously sticky all over!
Sunday afternoon drive to Yellowstone!
We drove up to the park and found out it was $25 for 7 days...uhh what about one afternoon? So we peaced out of the park and drove around West Yellowstone and some other parts of Montana instead!
Me with a giant buffalo, it walked right behind the tree right as we were taking the picture.
So, apparently Rams like to lick the pavement? Wes said it was for the salt. Makes sense. Makes me thirsty.



  1. That's a funny story! Wow, clutsy...haha! Glad you had fun...wondering why you wouldn't have picked his jeep instead of the Geo, sounds a bit roomier...hope you find an apt next time! Love you!!

  2. Nice pics, Rachel and Weston! That first picture was hilarious to me! I know what you mean about movie refreshment "gold." Cute and fun picture! I have had similar experiences overpaying and not always in the movies. You really kick yourself later! Still, you are making memories, all kinds and of all stripes!


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