Venice? No, that's Nashville.

So, my nice little hometown got flooded last week. >15 inches of rain. No biggie. Just a week before I had been running a marathon on those streets. Who knew, I could've done a triathalon and swam down the streets!
Galoshes are so now in style.
Props to Jenna for this one.
This is the entrance to her neighborhood, the main road is right in front of the treeline & the split in the trees goes back to a big grass field/park that we've picnicked at many times.
It's so weird to see all of this.
Picture props to google.
Picture props to Pops. That did not used to be water down below, well it did, but it was just a little part of the river, way far down, those trees used to be planted in dry ground. I'm not likin the FLA swamp look goin on in Franklin. Nashville. Train Station.
Flooded. Again, props to google, but holy cow. What a mess. Google.
Where that red statue is, yeah, totally ran by that on my marathon last week.
I stood on most of these streets just the week before with Weston.
Go check out some of the picks a few posts back.
Including all these streets.
I didn't post them all, but I've been sent a million pictures between friends & family from back home. Chase sent me a disturbing one of a home that totally exploded because gas had spilled in the flood water and the house flooded and the gasoline reached the pilot light in the fire place and blew up the house. The temple president's home was flooded. I haven't heard of any other ward members that's homes were too horribly damaged, but I'm sure the flood wreaked some sort of havoc for everyone. A cottonwood home burned down too. There have been atleast 29 deaths. & they said more people will probably be recovered after the water all recedes.
The 2010 weather has been weird. Between the snowstorms that Nashville actually got and now this giant 2 day torrential flood, I'd say the second coming is near!
Not only were all the Music City attractions (Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, GEC, The New Symphony Hall, the Convention Center, etc, etc, etc) ruined, but a lot of people are without homes, etc.
In order to help with the millions of dollars of damages, there are a lot of flood relief efforts going on.
If you're lookin to support, try buying one of these cute tees to help fund the repairs!


  1. Great job on this post, Rachel! I saw pics I hadn't seen before, too! But now seriously, I am waiting for the Mother of all blog posts about you know what! Shout it out!

  2. Hey, I recognize a couple of those buildings from our run I think...

  3. Yes, Steph! We ran through those streets!


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